Most people find it difficult to sell their used or junk cars in a market that they are not so sure about. If you are tired of your old car, or perhaps you got into an accident that completely damaged your car, no worries, there is a ready market out there for your car. In fact, the process is not complicated at all as you get to sell your car for cash without having to go through any complicated formalities.


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The Benefits of Selling Your Junk Car to “We Buy Cars San Diego”

Most people don’t get the real value for their junk cars as they simply abandon them or leave them with the authorities before proceeding to buy a new car. The truth of the matter is, selling your junk car to a company that buys them or buys the spare parts for cash is a wise way to go about realizing some of your car’s value. As an auto salvage company, we end up selling these parts to other car owners in need of these parts or to other repair shops that need them. We not only guarantee that you get maximum value for your car, but, we also give you an opportunity to be part of the chain that helps other car owners with car problems get prompt solutions to their problems.

Cash For Your Junk Car - Come to us in San Diego

Understanding The “We Buy Cars San Diego” Process

As previously mentioned, this is a very smooth process that you should not beat yourself up about. In fact, you leave all the work to us and all you have to do is give us a price which we will assess and negotiate to ensure that everyone walks away with a good deal at the end of the day. Once you contact us, the following is the procedure to expect.

Establishing Ownership

Of course everything has to be done within the law as we all know that no one would like to be on the wrong side of that. If you own the car, you will just have to prove the ownership to us first before anything else. In case you don’t already own it, first ensure that you obtain its title. No scrap lot or scrap yard will do business with you if you are not the owner of the vehicle and the ownership has to be in your name.


Assessing The Value

Next, we will assess the damage to your car and get its real book value. You should also arm yourself with information about your vehicle’s condition in terms of what damage it has and any other mechanical or technical problems. We will just have a few questions for you which are necessary for the process. You don’t have to do any repairs to the car before giving us a call; we will handle everything that needs handling.

Getting The Price

Different junkyards in San Diego will buy your junk car at different prices but, it is only you that understands your car better. We assure you that you will definitely make some extra money from your car and depending on the make, the model and the kind and extent of the damage; we will arrive at a suitable price for you to part with your car. Having a list of the car problems makes the process even smoother.


Now that we have a price and a deal, all that is left is delivery of the car. Some clients will want to deliver the car to our junkyard themselves while others prefer this done for them. There are two sides of the coin to this matter. Delivering it yourself will mean you get your own means and worry about how it will get to us. Letting us do it for you saves you money and time as we have all the equipment and manpower ready in just a jiffy.

Make The Wise Decision – Sell to “We Buy Cars San Diego”

So wherever you are in San Diego, don’t sit on that old used car or junk car that is taking much of your space, giving you a headache and polluting your environment. Contact your reliable auto salvage and make some good money out of this profitable cash for car business in San Diego.