Cash for Junk Cars Escondido

Cash for Cars Escondido

Cash for Cars Escondido, CA is the only place you need to get rid of your junk car!

Whether you have an unwanted junk car that is sitting around uselessly on your property, or a used but functional car, we take them all here at our auto salvage yards in Escondido.

As an automobile salvage yard, we recycle automobiles of all types and models, which is great for both the community and our environment. We want to erase the days of seeing junk cars sitting around town or in driveways, abandoned, and put money into the hands of customers like yourself.


Our professional services and staff will ensure that no money is wasted in a car that you no longer need or can use. We will take your sedan, coupe, truck, convertible, boats, RV (recreational vehicle), and motorcycles in the following conditions: used, wrecked, junked, inoperable, missing parts, water damaged, burned out, with or without a title.

If you have a vehicle of some sort that is not listed above or you are unsure if we will buy it, feel welcome to call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates and find out how we can help you get money for it. Don’t worry if you can’t come to us: we know that for inoperable cars and junked autos, that it may be impossible for you to get it to us–that is okay, though, because we will come to you! We will pick up your automobile and pay you the same amount as if you went to one of our locations.

We make the selling process easy and pleasant, and we can tell you upfront how much we can give you for your car, so there is no guesswork, no negotiating with strangers, and no stress. Our stress-free transaction will be the easiest trade you will make, and we will pay you a fair amount for your junk car.

By visiting our website, you can see the full list of our services, our location, a longer list of what types of automobiles we accept, and you can even get a fast and free quote. With same day cash, our simple trade of cash for junk cars in Escondido is both convenient and fair–please call us for questions or come by our location and get the cash you deserve for your junk car.

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